Cult Cargo: creating alternative artist spaces

Problem: Lindsey and Hank convert utilitarian containers, such as shipping containers and construction dumpsters, into spaces for artists and musicians to showcase their work. The “cargo” is dropped off by a donor, renovated by Lindsey and Hank, and then returned to its original use. Aside from minimal construction expenses, these containers are inexpensive and fully mobile. Their philosophy is to elevate these utility modules into artist spaces. I was approached with a basic request, to create an identity. I identified the real problem, which was to create a system in which different clientele could learn more about their project.

The website needed to be easy to use and it needed to appeal to artists, musicians, business investors, and potential host sites like music festivals. It was important for the site to answer basic questions and make it easy for Lindsey and Hank to contact the users. This site is currently in progress.

Creative Solution: I first created an identity, then I dug deeper. I researched their current and targeted clients. I examined the different needs of each user and found clear communication of  location, specs, and contact info was needed. I learned how to create a basic user flow and then mocked up individual web and mobile pages to solve the problem.



Date: 20.03.2014