IBM NPS Dashboard

Problem: The success of a Design Thinking workshop can be difficult to measure. How do we improve our client experience and find ways to track progress?

Additionally, how can our team manage all of our requests for new projects and feedback, in a single console? Can we find a better way to distribute projects to different teams across the broader IBM? How could we eliminate some of the pain-points that our users were facing when filling out project proposals? And how could we make this entire process as efficient as possible?

Process: We identified a need to manage our workflow and to begin tracking our NPS score. Beginning with the research phase, we conducted interviews with many different individuals across the board to identify ways we could improve their work flow.

Method: Research, Ideating, Prototyping, Storyboarding, Stakeholder mapping, Moodboarding, Competitive Analysis, Agile methodology.

Below are multiple different visual explorations. This project is currently a work in progress.