Watson IoT Munich HQ Employee Application

Problem: How can we use the Internet of Things to transform the Watson IoT Munich Headquarters into a futuristic, high-tech showcase – while also creating the perfect work environment for IBM employees?

Process: We began by identifying our users: locals in Munich and visiting employees. This differentiation between the locals and the visitors (and their relationship to each other) was crucial to identifying opportunities for the application.


We identified that while the visiting IBMer had more basic needs, (like navigating the space, finding resources, even finding a place to eat) the locals were focused on how to book conference rooms, keep their space clean, and customize their surroundings.

The primary need that we identified for the first release was to create an easier, smarter way to book rooms in the HQ. If we were able to find a way to develop mapping over the entire floor, we could identify what rooms were available and which were occupied, by using Tririga sensors and a booking system that we designed ourselves.

Team Role: Visual Designer on a team of Two Front-End developers, a researcher, and a UX designer.

Method: Empathy Mapping, Concept development, Prototyping and Iteration, Weekly Presentations for alignment (“Playbacks”) Agile methodology (scrums, collaboration with all disciplines)

Outcome: Both locals to Munich and visitors to the new building were able to book rooms on the go that were suited to their exact needs. By including photos, detailed room information, and a responsive map of each floor, we were able to give users access to available rooms and help them navigate more efficiently.

When a room is occupied, the application updates in real time and is shown as unavailable. Individuals navigating the space can easily and efficiently find a space that suits their needs by referencing the map or list view of available spaces in the building.

From a recent internal press release: “The Center has had 13,000+ visitors so far this year, and during her visit, Ginni [Rometty] had the opportunity to experience firsthand what our clients and partners do on a daily basis at the Center – a building that lives and breathes IoT, Watson, Cloud, Cognitive Solutions and helps our clients come to a better understanding of the value of IoT through demos, client labs, co-located partner ecosystem, digital twin, and much more.”